Reunion on the Horizon: Anticipation and Anxieties

The stretch of time away from my wife and daughter has been the longest since my wife and I became engaged, with business trips previously marking the extent of our separations. While FaceTime has been a blessing, it’s a mere placeholder for their presence. There’s an undeniable void that might not be depression but feels like a palpable absence, an undercurrent of unease from being apart.

I’m filled with anticipation for my upcoming trip to Colorado to bridge that gap, yet I can’t shake a nervousness about leaving Brooks behind. He’s thriving, surrounded by support from Greyson, his girlfriend, his brothers, and our friends who are just a call away. However, a protective instinct has been heightened since the accident, akin to the vigilant days when our children were newborns and newly mobile, where “sleeping with one eye open” seemed the only option.

This protective surge feels like a regression to the days of constant vigilance over their burgeoning independence. Brooks is regaining his autonomy at an incredible pace, yet I find myself reluctant to acknowledge it, likely to be overcautious with my concerns and the liberties I allow. Half-jokingly, I think they might be back behind the wheel when they’re 30—at the earliest.

Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude for the overwhelming support we’ve received. From the GoFundMe to the meals, the flowers, and every message, each act of kindness bolsters us and is profoundly appreciated. It’s overwhelming at times, this outpouring of generosity, and it shifts my perspective on community and support. Thank you, truly.

Updates will follow after my visit with Lauren and Jennifer, but here are some brief highlights:

Lauren is embracing her recovery with determination, improving her balance, speech, memory, and maintaining her ‘silly’ spirit. It’s a charm she wields to navigate the differences in her life, fueling her drive to reclaim what once was. Though there’s a natural grief for the life she’s temporarily set aside, her resolve and bravery in facing these challenges are nothing short of inspiring. As college acceptance letters arrive, we eagerly anticipate her next steps, whenever they may begin.

Brooks continues to progress with his outpatient therapies, his musicianship, and his academic pursuits, managing to stay focused despite the discomfort and challenges. His stoic attitude, in the face of adversity, is commendable. I can’t help but admire his strength; I’d certainly be less brave in his shoes!

Craig – Jennifer, Bryce, Brody, and our brave Brooks and Lauren

Reunion on the Horizon: Anticipation and Anxieties

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