My Funny Little Valentine: Celebrating Humor in Healing

On this Valentine’s Day, a holiday typically awash with flowers and candy, I find myself cherishing the ‘funny’ tucked within the festivities. Today, it’s not just about romance; it’s a celebration of the returning sense of humor in Brooks and Lauren, a glimmering sign of their recovery over the past weeks.

Brooks, even amid the pain of healing ribs – a challenge for anyone given the agony of laughing, coughing, or sneezing – managed to find moments of levity early on. His jokes, a testament to his spirit, have been a balm for us all.

Lauren, my daughter, has always had a knack for accents and impersonations, and yes, I’ll admit my bias. But it’s nothing short of miraculous to see her light up our FaceTime calls with this talent, bringing warmth to the rigorous routine of rehab. It’s a testament to the enduring vibrancy of her personality, even as the trajectory of her life has been irrevocably altered.

Despite the gravity of her situation and the difficult questions that now surface as her memory clears, I’m reminded of her formidable resolve. Lauren’s work ethic, inherited from her mother, assures me that she will persevere on this arduous journey. And though there may be moments of sorrow or disappointment, I have no doubt that she’ll live up to the adage “She can do hard things,” sometimes with a laugh, sometimes with a joke, always with her best effort.

Brooks continues to make strides, his humor hand in hand with a determination that echoes his sister’s. He’s tackling the necessary, often unenjoyable tasks with an eye on a faster recovery, his jokes serving as both his shield and his sword.

Today, I give thanks for my ‘funny little valentines’ and my lifelong valentine, Jennifer, whose lionhearted example shines in our children. The old saying rings true – the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and I see her strength reflected in them more clearly than ever.

On this Valentine’s Day, I feel fortunate. May we all take a moment to acknowledge the trials and triumphs we encounter. Here’s to the laughter, the strength, and the love that sees us through.

Craig – Jennifer, Bryce, Brody, and our brave Brooks and Lauren

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