Making Molehills out of Mountains: Finding Strength in the Climb

In these moments, as we stand before the vastness of the journey ahead, the ‘what ifs’ and ‘will it ever be’s’ echo loudly in our hearts. Facing the steep slopes of recovery, the excitement of college and the independence that dances on the horizon of a 17-year-old’s life have been paused. Tennis dreams are shelved, at least for now, as we turn our attention to the day-to-day triumphs that, though small, are mighty.

With each sunrise, we face the uncertainty: Will things ever return to the way they were? The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing, but we choose to meet it head-on with hope and persistence. We celebrate every gesture, every word regained, every step taken—our daily victories against the daunting ascent.

This journey has taught us to measure progress not in leaps and bounds, but in the steady accumulation of these small wins. They are the building blocks that transform an insurmountable mountain into manageable molehills, each one a testament to resilience and the unwavering human spirit.

As we close another day, we remind ourselves that the true measure of progress lies not in comparing today to yesterday, but in recognizing the molehills we’ve conquered, turning them into the foundation for tomorrow’s steps. These incremental gains fortify our hope that, in time, the collective sum of these efforts will lead us to new heights.

So we press on, fueled by your unwavering support, fortified by love, and moved by the shared belief that together, we can make molehills out of mountains. And in this shared belief, we find the courage to face the uncertainties of tomorrow.

With heartfelt gratitude and renewed resolve,

Craig – Jennifer, Bryce, Brody, and our brave Brooks and Lauren

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