I’m not crying, you’re crying

Today was another remarkable day.

Lauren had some extraordinary visitors in her room. I won’t name names, but among them was the ER Trauma doctor who first treated our children and managed those crucial early hours, guiding them towards the ICU. Words fall short in expressing how phenomenal she is. Her presence helped ground us in a reality where hope and concern are held in perfect balance from the start. There were tears, and she gave one of the most heartfelt hugs I’ve ever received outside of my own family. A simple ‘thank you’ seems inadequate, but the understanding in her eyes speaks volumes—she knows the depth of our gratitude for her being there. Throughout the day, other ICU nurses and staff who’ve followed Lauren’s journey stopped by to see the girl who now sits up and smiles. And let’s not forget Mr. Red, the therapy Newfoundland, whose visit brought great joy to Lauren.

Brooks, who is now miraculously at home and navigating his rehabilitation journey, also returned to the hospital to visit Lauren. If you had asked us any time after January 6th, until just a few days ago, when this might happen, we probably wouldn’t have been able to entertain the thought. But today, Brooks was there, sharing jokes and high fives with Lauren, bringing smiles and laughter.

We are acutely aware that the road ahead is long, and with Lauren heading to Colorado next week for a specialized traumatic brain injury rehabilitation hospital, the journey continues. Today, I admit, was a day filled with tears, but they were tears of happiness.

It’s astonishing to witness the love and compassion that thrives within this community—from the incredible team at St. Charles, encompassing doctors, nurses, and therapists in physical, speech, and occupational therapy, and the list goes on. Thank you Sarah and Aaron for organizing this campaign and being there in so many ways. Thank you to our local friends who have been amazing and those from all over the world who have sent their notes and support.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has offered support and hope on this journey. At this moment, I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

And yes, I will admit it, as I write this, I am shedding tears—tears of thanks.

Craig & Jennifer and the Bramscher Family.

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