Gratitude is more than a buzz word

I must confess, despite regularly seeing friends on Instagram and Facebook speak of living with a perspective of gratitude, it always seemed pleasant, and I’ve certainly been thankful for my fortunate life, incredible family, and friends. Yet, it is only now, as I sit here today, that I truly comprehend its depth.

For me, gratitude, at least today, means embracing life’s challenges. It means being thankful for the pain, the struggles, and the uncertainties.

I am grateful for the pain my children are experiencing because, two weeks ago, I was uncertain if they would ever feel anything again.

I am grateful for the tough decisions we face daily because it means we have choices.

I am grateful for friends I always knew were wonderful, but I had no idea the extent of their compassion and how vital those friendships would become.

I am grateful for my wife, the strongest person I know, who endures this torment alongside me.

I am grateful for my children, who bear this hardship with Jennifer and me.

I am grateful for the doctors, nurses, and the entire medical teams dedicated to caring for my family and others. Their jobs are incredibly challenging, yet clearly rewarding.

I am grateful for the people who witnessed the accident who did not ignore the situation but intervened, starting the life-saving efforts for my two youngest children, who were then strangers to them.

Living without pain and suffering now seems an impossibility, and I realize just how fortunate I’ve been. I feel incredibly lucky today—not only for all of you who have sent messages and contributed to helping my children but also for anyone enduring what Jennifer and I are facing. I am filled with hope and gratitude for the next family that enters the ICU, that they may experience the progression of healing as we did two weeks ago, 10 days ago, last week, and, with luck, as we do today.

Thank you for your prayers, well-wishes, and support.

Please accept our deepest and most heartfelt gratitude.

Craig. & Jennifer, Bryce, Brody and of course Brooks and Lauren

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