Grateful yet grappling:

Today’s update is a tangle of emotions for me. Firstly, I’m elated to report that Lauren and Jennifer are finally home. Their return brings a mix of joy, disbelief, and a sense of strangeness.

Craig Hospital’s commitment to healing is nothing short of remarkable. Deƒspite any shortcomings, they excel at what matters most: fostering recovery with intensive, daily therapy sessions in a supportive environment.

The choice for Lauren to come home was made with the hospital staff, Jennifer, and Lauren herself, taking into account Lauren’s incredible progress. We also considered the benefits of being home, where uninterrupted sleep and relaxation can work their quiet magic on a recovering brain.

Explaining to our loved ones that we’re still on the long road to recovery with Lauren isn’t easy. Although she appears to have bounced back, the complexities of brain injury recovery mean the process is neither swift nor straight. She knows she has much work ahead of her. As she approaches her 18th birthday, maybe there’s a realization that it may not be the typical celebration of adulthood she had imagined. Brooks is also healing, his recent 20th birthday signifying both progress and the indelible impact of these past events.

It’s natural for people to rejoice in our ‘luck,’ given the progress made since the accident. But to call it ‘luck’ feels out of place when weighed against the enormity of what’s changed. My children are fortunate to be on the mend, yes. But feeling lucky? Not quite. The idea of luck would mean reversing time to January 5th and rewriting history.

Yesterday, Jennifer and I revisited Pickleball, passing the accident site for my first time, and reuniting with friends we hadn’t seen in months. It was just as tough as I’d anticipated. I’m left questioning if it was too soon, yet when would it ever feel right? Now, day one is behind us, but each new day brings its own sadness and tears, despite the love and support we receive from our community.

So, to everyone who has stood by us, thank you for the hugs, the love, and the relentless support. Please realize, though, this is a marathon for the kids. And as for Jennifer and me, today it feels like an even longer one. Pickleball was fun but emotionally taxing. I am sure of brighter days ahead, but the concept of returning to ‘normal’ is obsolete. We’re facing a new future, sculpting it with our hands, mindful that the long road, like life itself, is woven with both challenges and victories. For now, ‘luck’ remains a tough word to swallow.

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