Brooks and Lauren Bramscher – January 6th

We have no words to describe our gratitude to friends, family, and community members who have reached out to us. We have been receiving unbelievable support, from helping with meals, taking care of the dogs, and just receiving texts of love, prayers, and healing thoughts. Time disappears in this situation, and you live moment to moment waiting for milestones to pass, good or bad. With progress comes great pain and suffering for our kids and, to be honest, it is the hardest part of life we have ever experienced.

Today my wife sent a note to our family, including our two older kids Bryce and Brody. She said, “we can do hard things”. She is such an inspiration to me and has been a rock for our children. “We can do hard things” is our new mantra. It is hard, it feels impossible, we don’t think we can take another piece of news, good or bad, but we endure.

We can do that because of the strong family we have built, and the amazing support from friends, family, and this community. We have friends from California, Southern Oregon, Boston, and all around the world sending us support and love.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude for everyone supporting us.

Thank you is not strong enough, but until I find better words, thank you.

We see progress every day, some setbacks, and glimmers of hope that seem to flicker and somehow stay lit. Every day we learn a bit more about what our life is going to be like “after”. We know that we will likely be going to a rehab center in another state, and are going through the process now, learning a lot every day about traumatic brain injury (TBI) and those who specialize in helping those suffering from this very complex problem with the simple acronym.

We have no idea what all of this is going to cost, but when we heard about just the cost of transport to another state, the housing, and all the additional care and costs, we agreed that doing a GoFundMe would potentially reduce one of many stresses. There will be more surgeries, there will be endless rehab, and thanks to you, we know we have amazing support and something less to worry about.

I am stunned at how fast the word has spread and the generosity of our friends, family, and acquaintances we have yet to meet.

We will try to update on the specifics of the kids’ progress when it feels like it is real and less of a slippery slope.

But for now:

Brooks is out of ICU and is beginning the rehab process. He had his 3rd chest tube removed yesterday and is working hard to begin his rehab process. He has had a great team with him from the beginning. I would like to name these amazing people, but should wait for their approval to do so.

Lauren has moved from ICU to progressive care and has an amazing team of health professionals helping us through the process. She remains working her way into consciousness, and we are hopeful that her tracheotomy can get smaller, less used, and eventually lead to her breathing normally and opening the door for more potential rehab facilities.

I can only post photos of fun memories of the two of them at the moment, we may become more brave but also want to honor their privacy in recovery.

We would like to also thank the four (and more) angels that were first to the scene, who kept our children alive while the first responders removed them from the truck. I cannot write this without crying. We have been able to meet one of them in person and hope to meet the rest when the time is appropriate. To all of you, we will never be able to repay you, but we love you all.

Thank you.

We will try to post updates at major milestones, thank you for your patience.

With heartfelt thanks,
Craig Bramscher – Jennifer and Bryce, Brody and of course Brooks and Lauren.

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