Bigger than us

I was raised in a religious family; my father was a minister’s son. Reflecting on my upbringing, the emphasis was on learning to do the right things, forming a conscience, and living by the golden rule. It wasn’t an overly spiritual environment, except for a few strange occurrences that unsettled my parents. As a naive child, I sometimes saw glimpses of the future. It’s not an uncommon experience—dreaming about an event that hadn’t yet occurred. I remember telling my mother about one such dream, only for us to realize days later that it had unfolded exactly as I had seen it.

As we mature, our logical minds often dismiss or rationalize these enigmas.

My attendance at formal religious services dwindled as I grew older, but my spirituality deepened in a very personal way. I grappled with the notion that my childhood faith was somehow more valid than others. Gradually, I came to view religions as languages—each unique to its culture and history, offering explanations for a higher power or collective consciousness.

Life has a way of accelerating, busying us with our daily tasks and diverting our attention from spiritual matters.

But when a crisis strikes, the significance of energy and loved ones becomes piercingly clear. I prayed fervently, reached out to my ancestors, hoping against hope they could intervene. Whispering to my children, I urged them to fight, to return to us, believing in their recovery and sharing with them the magnitude of prayers and support they were receiving.

I had seen the calls for prayers on social media, offering my own when others faced hardship, but never had my family been the focus of such an outpouring of love and healing. Writing about this feels inadequate; words can’t fully capture the profound sensation of gratitude and belief in something greater than ourselves. The collective goodwill of people from all corners of the globe has undeniably supported my family.

At the hospital in Colorado with Lauren, witnessing others confront their greatest trials, I found myself moved to extend love and healing energy their way, often with tears in my eyes.

While I wish Lauren and Brooks could be spared this ordeal, I sense it will endow them with a unique perspective on their own fortune. For both of them; with each challenge, I am grateful it wasn’t worse and for the caring energy sent their way.

To all who have sent prayers, love, and healing to my children: thank you. Your efforts are bearing fruit. It’s a challenging journey, yet a profoundly rewarding one. My spirituality and belief in the grand tapestry of life, beyond mere flesh and blood, continue to grow.

Craig – Jennifer, Bryce, Brody, and our brave Brooks and Lauren

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