Assembling a Broken Mirror: A Journey to Remember

Every day brings a new fragment for Lauren to fit into the mosaic of her memories. As she reassembles what feels like a mirror reflecting her life up to the accident, the process is delicate and gradual. Her recollection of the accident comes from the stories we share, not her own experience, and with each passing day, her understanding of the events before the crash becomes a little clearer. Piece by piece, she’s reconstructing the hours that slipped away. As evening approaches and weariness sets in, her grasp on these new memories can wane, yet each day’s efforts add to the emerging picture.

The path to recovery is far from perfect, and there may be shards of the mirror that are irretrievably lost. But we hope the missing pieces will be filled in with our narratives and her questions. During a recent FaceTime call, a significant and intact memory surfaced with clarity: her passion for tennis is still fierce. The holiday break before the accident was packed with tennis sessions, workouts, and runs, moments she recalls with a playful boast of ‘getting buff.’

Witnessing these recollections ignite brings me a rush of hope. For a while, joy manages to edge out the worry and anxiety. These emotional swings are constant, but in my heart, there’s a trend upwards.

I catch only fleeting glimpses of the mirror reassembling, yet these moments give me a glimpse of the upside. My awe at the strength, patience, and tenacity of Lauren’s mother—is endless. She weathers this storm tirelessly, without a word of complaint or self-concern. Jennifer is nothing short of extraordinary, and I eagerly await the chance to provide her with some respite. Words seem inadequate to express my profound love and admiration for her. This ordeal has only reinforced her already formidable spirit and brought out an even greater luster in her resolve.

We’ve been blessed with family visits, and I’m deeply grateful for her relatives and my cousin who’ve stepped in as part of our support team this week. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

At night, I am filled with hope and gratitude for Lauren’s relentless efforts. She grows more cognizant each day of the road ahead, and like her mother, her incredible inner strength is reemerging as the pieces slowly fall into place. I am immensely proud of both of my girls, humbled by their courage and determination.

Brooks, too, is nothing short of a miracle, dedicating himself to growth and healing. He keeps my spirits buoyed with his humor and his deep compassion for his sister and himself. His girlfriend stands as a pillar of support in his recovery, truly deserving of sainthood. Thank you all.

Craig – Jennifer, Bryce, Brody, and our brave Brooks and Lauren
{Laurens Art}

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