Moving Averages

When you’re intently focused on anything—be it a business, a fitness goal, or any specific objective, like the health and welfare of your kids —it’s hard not to feel disappointment when faced with setbacks, whether they’re minor or even imagined. Most people who know me are aware that I generally lean towards optimism.

From January 6th until today, there have been many days where that optimism has barely held on. There are questions that your mind relentlessly cycles through, questions so daunting that you never utter them aloud to prevent giving them power or validity.

Generally, it feels like most days are the same or slightly better than the last. But when you experience a string of great days, if the following day doesn’t continue that upward trajectory, it can feel like a letdown, allowing those loops of worry or concern to sneak back into your consciousness.

I am reminded of the 20-day moving average that I came across while monitoring a daily metric. Day to day, it might seem like you’re not making progress as the numbers bounce around. But if you step back and look at the chart, you can see improvement over the long term. Even if today wasn’t an “up” day like yesterday, in the grand scheme of things, the trend is positive. If I chart my emotions, the kids’ progress, and the ups and downs, any given day might seem bleak, but looking from January 6th to today, the moving average is quite promising and trending in the right direction.

Brooks and Lauren are on two different journeys that started at the same moment, and undoubtedly, the outcomes or at least the timing will be different. I have to remind myself to take a step back, look at the big picture, and work on patience, doing my best to be okay with today.

Easier said than done.

Brooks is enduring rehab and is continuing to work hard on his recovery.

Lauren is working hard every day, exhausting herself with the effort to make a little bit of improvement every day.

We are preparing for the trip to Colorado for Lauren, which looks to be happening on Monday, where a new chapter begins.

Thank you all, from our family to yours, for the amazing support, messages, and thoughts.

Craig – Jennifer, Brooks and Lauren, Bryce, and Brody.
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